About Growler USA (Austin, TX)

Founded upon an extraordinary passion and respect for craft beer, Growler USA pours world-class brews and unforgettable experiences from their bustling taproom in downtown Austin. Locals and tourists alike step up to a long bar backed by an expansive wall of shining silver taps, where they enjoy great conversations and sip fresh lagers, ales and ciders from across the U.S.

The Challenge

Growler USA is about more than just great beer – it’s a socially engaging, yet personalized experience. In order to enhance that experience and connect with their patrons on a deeper level, this craft beer mecca sought a music for business solution that would express the heart and soul of their brand while adding value for the customer. And in the handcrafted spirit of the frothy beverage they love, Growler USA wanted full control over their music programs and the ability to customize them at any time.

For Louis Mejia, Mood Mix Pro is a manager’s dream when it comes to controlling the music at Growler’s USA in Austin, TX. And his customers love the ability to get in on the vibe with Mood Social Mix.

“Mood Mix Pro and Social Mix are the perfect music solutions for our business. We now have access to an amazing amount of music that we can blend ourselves. These customized playlists can then be easily scheduled for different days or times to suit my traffic flow. It’s easy to use, and our customers love the Social Mix feature. They get to participate in the music experience and channel their inner DJ.”

Corey Matthews

Assistant General Manager, Growler USA of Austin

The Approach

As the Craft Beer industry’s leading provider of music for business solutions, Mood brought the key ingredient for the personalized experience that Growler USA aimed to brew: music streaming via Mood Mix Pro. This hybrid music streaming solution is designed exclusively for business, providing fast and easy streaming access to the world’s largest library of fully-licensed music. Authorized users can choose from more than 150 professionally-designed music programs, or easily create their own custom music programs using Mood’s intuitive control site. From there they can also schedule the programs they want to hear by the day, week, hour or minute.

Along with this enhanced streaming solution comes a unique interactive feature called Social Mix, which allows guests and employees to view the live playlist and vote for the songs they want to hear next. The tunes with the most votes rise to the top of the playlist, providing a fun way for patrons to personalize the Growler USA experience.

The Result

Growler USA of Austin couldn’t be happier with their music for business solutions from Mood. Management loves the wide selection of genres and playlist interaction that these solutions deliver, and they appreciate having full control over their taproom music. According to Louis Mejia, General Manager at Growler USA of Austin, customers are pleasantly surprised with the ability to view the playlist and have a say in the order of the songs, thanks to Social Mix. Many are even more enamored by the fact that the feature is free for customers to use.


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