About McDonald’s of Yarmouth, MA

McDonald’s of Yarmouth has stood as a pillar of the community for decades, welcoming local families and travelers alike with friendly service and great food. For owner-operator Aaron Fitzgerald, success at his McDonald’s location begins and ends with an emphasis on providing an exceptional dining experience.

The Challenge

For years Aaron relied on cable television to entertain his dine-in customers, but he became increasingly uneasy with the many challenges cable presented. First, the price of cable wasn’t providing enough value, and it also wasn’t helping him generate new business. Instead, Aaron found that many customers would order then sit and watch TV for extended periods of time without making another purchase.

To make matters worse, cable programming was constantly showing competitor ads, negative news and other inappropriate content. What Aaron needed was a cost-effective, yet highly entertaining and business-appropriate solution that could help drive sales for McDonalds – not the competition.

“If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to entertain your customers while promoting your business, go with Mood TV. You won’t regret it.”

The Approach

Mood’s local account executive met in-person with Aaron to identify his needs and discuss his options. Knowing that hundreds of McDonald’s franchisees and dozens of QSR brands were already seeing success with Mood TV, the account executive suggested that Aaron implement Mood TV for McDonald’s. And when Aaron heard how much he’d save compared to cable, he was eager to give Mood TV a try.

The Solution

Combining short-form TV programming with digital signage technology, Mood TV for QSR entertains guests and displays promotional content exclusively for the brand it serves – all on the same screen. Multiple screen zones make it easy to promote seasonal specials and highlight community events alongside popular family-friendly programs such as The Big Bang Theory, 60 Minutes and The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. Content is further enhanced with sports scores, news tickers and weather feeds. Authorized staff can easily take control and make changes using the online Mood portal. The result is an engaging branded experience – with no competitor ads.

The Result

Mood TV for McDonald’s made an immediate impact on the dining room experience, providing an upbeat and cutting-edge ambiance that appeals to customers of all ages. For Aaron, Mood TV for McDonald’s was the solution he always wanted but couldn’t find from other providers.

“Mood TV for McDonald’s is simply an all-around great product. First of all, the price is much more cost-effective than cable – and we don’t have to worry about competitor ads showing up either. It’s fully branded with McDonald’s logos and images, and the ability to customize the sidebars with updates on community events, monthly promotions, employee-of-the-month pics and other information is outstanding. With how sleek and futuristic Mood TV looks, you’d think that you’d need to be a tech wizard to make changes. But as it turns out, making changes to Mood TV is incredibly simple. Just drag, drop, click, and you’re set.”

– Aaron Fitzgerald
Owner, McDonald’s of Yarmouth






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